The Candy Store Reviewed in the Washington Post

“Two years ago, Jackie Hoysted showed paintings of glowering beauties, part runaway model and part feminist warrior. Her current project is, well, sweeter. The Dublin-bred local artist’s “The Candy Store,” at VisArts’s Common Ground Gallery, consists of painted bars and circles in neon and pastel hues. The pigment is mixed with wax, and some of the pictures have waxy white surfaces that emulate clumped sugary coatings. The finishing touch is that the paintings are scented, so a faintly sticky perfume fills the small room. Whether hung on the walls or displayed in boxes, Hoysted’s confections are too small individually to overwhelm in the manner of a massive color-field painting. As a literally fragrant suite, however, “The Candy Store” is immersive.”
– Mark Jenkins of the Washington Post reviews The Candy Store exhibition here.