This was a time based conceptual project conceived by me in response to the closure of the commercial art galleries in Bethesda due to the flailing economy. It was a nod to the occupy movement that sought to highlight the destructive forces of the banks and government that actively pursued the public to unknowingly participate in the artificial construction of wealth only to destroy it.

The project involved the establishment of an art gallery (CountDown Temporary Artspace) in a home slated for demolition in downtown Bethesda. A number of art exhibitions were curated and held over several months, operating in a “normal” manner by showcasing the work of multiple DMV artists. For the final exhibition “Construct::Destruct (Open Until Implosion)” I stipulated that in return for the opportunity to exhibit in the space, all work created for that exhibition was to remain in place to be destroyed as part of the demolition of the artspace.