Jackie Hoysted is a multi-media artist who creates traditional objects of art with the objective of revealing or highlighting conflicting or opposing notions on issues that are personal to her: identity, feminism, economy, religion and health. She is particularly interested in creating projects that investigate portraiture and that invite public participation. Some of her more recent projects include:

  • Label Me: Call Me A Name In this project viewers are invited to title/label Hoysted’s provocative portraits of contemporary women and during that process to contemplate the act of assigning meaning to a person/thing. Viewers are asked to contribute to the interpretation of her work by assigning labels and tags, attributing names and titles to her work, which may or may not, confirm or contradict her own viewpoints.
  • Construct::Destruct  (Open Until Implosion) was a project where local artists responded to an invitation by Hoysted to create onsite art installations that would be physically destroyed during the demolition of the of the art space – CountDown Temporary Art space. The project was conceived by Hoysted in response to the closure of the commercial art galleries in Bethesda due to the flailing economy and a nod to the occupy movement that sought to highlight the destructive forces of the banks and government that actively pursued the public to unknowingly participate in the artificial construction of wealth only to destroy it. Participating artists included Mei Mei Chang, Jessica Van Brakle, Thomas Drymon and Scottie Fleming
  • Copy or Original This body of work blurred the line between what is an original artwork and what is a reproduction. Comprised of paintings, ceramic sculptures, and digital photographs, the distinction of “what is the original vs. what is the copy” is left up to the viewer. Raising questions of authenticity, distorting perceptions of various media, and multiple manipulations of images are the prevalent themes of this body of work. The result is a collection of work that leads the viewer to question the accepted notions of what is the original and re-evaluate how value is attributed to an object. Using a variety of media, attention is called to the assumptions about worth and value attached to painting, photography, and sculpture. Common perceptions dictate that painting is the “most precious,” but what if the painting is essentially a copy? Are all the pieces copies? Originals? This distorted puzzle is left for the viewer to resolve.
  • Send Me Your Last Cigarette is a public participatory project that was borne out of Hoysted’s own need to end a cycle of addiction to nicotine. Artwork that references themes of destruction and renewal are created from the last cigarettes contributed by other would be non-smokers. The project also includes a multi-media installation Captivity of Another Kind comprising video, tobacco marketing materials, empty cigarette cartons, mannequins and breathing apparatus – all donated by current smokers or family relatives of people who had died from lung cancer.